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In December 2016, the first academic publication on behavioral abnormalities finally came to light.

After a lot of effort (started in 2012), a platform in which we can access articles related to anomalous phenomena in a scientific way is seen.

It comes to cover the enormous gap existing in our country regarding the studies of the disciplines of the objects of frontier studies.

Until this moment The SPR and the PA with its Journals were the referent of this type of publications. With its effort this new platform is in the same line but in Castilian. Giving the opportunity to have quick access to the latest research and scientific articles developed in our country on these matters. From here we encourage you to access it and enjoy and learn about the articles it contains.

Recommend the web platform where you can find multitude of tools and related articles.


Congratulations to the entire team, for such a great project. And thank you for covering the existing gap for too long.


Álex Escolà-Gascón, (College Ramónl Llul; Faculty of Psychology Education and Sport Sciences, Blanquerna).

Editorial Board:

Mireia Bosch-Pujades (University Society for Scientific Research).

Yolanda Romero de Tejada (University Society for Scientific Research).

Naia Cartañá-Gamboa (Spanish Society for Scientific Research).

Scientific Advisory Board:

Alejandro Parra (Open University Interamericana).

Ana Olivera Poll (Autonomous University of Madrid).

Annalisa Ventola (Parapsychological Association, PA).

José Gómez Galán (University of Extremadura).

Juan José Sánchez-Oro (Universidad Complutense de Madrid).

Lance Storm (University of Adelaide).

Oscar Iborra (University of Granada).

Pepe Rodríguez (Autonomous University of Barcelona).

Ramos Perera (Spanish Society of Anthropology).