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Many times when searching for information related to the world of mystery in the first results obtained. Putting keyword “research”, the first thing that appears to us as they are links to Youtube of groups who come to abandoned places. You choose one open it and see that is really not an investigation.  Rather is an experimentation in search of evidence paranormal in the best of them cases. At worst is a group of people in search of strong emotions.

When someone researching a place “impregnated” normally is with a first obstacle, the witnesses. They have to convey the confidence to not to doubt them in the testimony. Someone that has a history and jumps from a point to another unconnected-mind of the story. In the same testimony gives you two versions of the same fact, obviously does not transmit assurance about the veracity of the story. Those witnesses do not fall from the trees and many times investigates a place without his great contribution in your field notebook.

are many experiments in a place necessary to conduct the research? Well this answer depends on much of the results obtained and of the own research. But it will always be greater than 1. Sometimes not you can go to a place the times that you want. By remoteness, for work, for economy, by matching the team etc. There are researchers who continue to go regularly to the same place to perform more experiments for years. Published partial results and when asked to respond, not there have not finished my research. To further experiments more contrasts between evidence you can get to perform. Go once to a place is totally insufficient to draw a conclusion or to compare records of different types. The best is go at different times of year. Higher contrast tests more chances to get to know something of the phenomenon that there may occur. In addition to performing and better align your experimentations in successive visits.

An investigation. In order to use the term correctly. Must of take back not only the work of field of a night. It must be accompanied by a search in the history of the place. A search in the area of potential witnesses. His interviews either in video or written. A comparison between the parafonicas voices recorded if you have similar voices. A study of the area. If there is water underground or a source of any material in the basement that could alter a measurement electromagnetica.se that this last is difficult and many times not is located, by misfortune. In addition to a hypothesis of work. A methodology firm and strict that is capable of annotate each an of them experiments that sampled the research in its line corresponding.

As well as the research is the result end of many experiments. Working library, search for data or witnesses and a long etcetera. While experimentation is the actual field work. With the subsequent analysis of your records

. Both go hand in hand and one enters inside of what encompasses the other. So from here I encourage all those who wish to use that beautiful word “research” to take the plunge and go beyond the experimentation of a single night. When you give the step and begin to make it reality, feel the satisfaction of a job well done.


But a home is even more serious. Who warns you claim all the help and answers that you can give him. Fleeing cleaning based on poorly made esotericism. Research must always be carried out with the greatest respect. Jealously guarding the information of those affected, and never, repeat never tell the affected some of what is not sure 100%.  Less without having analyzed before all the material retrieved, as little as is.

It is best to repeat the experiments once calming to those affected. Creating security. Trying to phenomena do not cause them insecurity or terror. Always explaining them as possible as they happen. Even if the problem is not resolved, or escapes from your knowledge, invite you to kindly go to seek help on another computer. Or seek help directly yourself on other computers. In other people’s confidence that give them a response that want to listen. And explain them that have that put salt by the corners of the House. Showering with holy water, pray to St. Benedict. Or make the pine mouth down holding a white candle with the toes.

Let’s be serious. We experience and therefore investigate. We come to conclusions and share them. Let us make parapsychology what should be. Let us look at the greats of the past and now, they opened and continue opening up and showing a suitable way to carry out our goals. The fine words we use to classify the phenomena, there are many and with their own meaning and which usually are usually replaced by colloquial expressions that differ greatly from the Parapsicologico glossary.

Raul barranco García 12 / 6 / 2015

previously published in other digital media.