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Sharing chat, debate and a few cafes and refreshments after the Ramos Perera Conference in the House of Cantabria, Miguel Ángel linares and Sheila Gutiérrez made us a proposal. Give a talk or lecture of more or less one hour on what we would like in the framework of a Conference that were being prepared.

We picked up the glove and prepare what would be the first official Conference of the Spanish society for research of anomalous phenomena (S.E.I.F.A). Wanted to treat of expose and explain what was the methodology scientific in the research of field and as this could be exploited. Explain different types of experiment for each feature that is study, national problems of lasempiterna fight science/paraciencia of parapsychology (remember according to code UNESCO 6110). We wanted to express so many things… but an hour does not for excessive explanations so we are inclined to do something short and concise.

The first thing was to introduce ourselves, Ariana Morillas, Jesús Rojo, David low and Raúl Barranco.Comenzando to explain that parapsychology is science, and as such is recognized by UNESCO, and although certificates and qualifications from foreign universities not worth nothing in Spain since the Ministry of education does not consider them as such, the effort and achieved learning is how much less it is mentioned and respected thinking that in other countries these studies are if taken into account. In this line went quickly on the most prestigious institutions of parapsychology (SPR, PA, SEP…) we try to explain the different types of science that had, the natural and the social and in that framework we inhabit.

After we try the different methods, the experimental, the quasi-experimental, the observational, structured observational etc. Explaining why we used one or the other, and that differences there were among them.

Continue entering the three main working hypothesis that we currently have are:

-The mind creates the phenomenon. That is the more accepted by the Community scientific. We talk about the experiment of Philip of the Toronto Society for Psychical Research.

-The autonomous abnormal phenomenon of unknown origin or recurrent phenomenon in hounting. That defines most of the experimentation of field and work in the so-called “haunted houses”

-Memory of the place or commonly called impregnation. Phenomena that are repeated in a loop, which remain trapped in a place or specific space and several witnesses described in identical or nearly identical to find this.

We set out a brief example of each one to comment briefly on two different experiments but using almost the same items in both. We wanted to show that the experimental design is not at odds with the material available and that access to e/ste research is really to anyone, thus breaking a lance in favor of widespread but well-structured experimentation in our country. We believe and will always believe it that if each contribute our grain of sand maybe at the end we get build that mountain of knowledge that sometimes both will miss.

Raul Barranco García, Vice President S.E.I.F.A.