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The beginning of the technological advancement in our history was drawn in the minds of many researchers from different periods. After they explained it and they transcribed the ideas on paper, thanks to this other subsequent could study it.  Thus little by little other researchers were recovering and expanding knowledge with the latest techniques. Projects neglected and others charged new improved life. Even now that chain continues. Someone created a washing machine, then another improved it and still surprise us every year new washing machines with integrated advancements.

The current world that surrounds us has become comfortable when it comes to thinking about how our knowledge. My work is based on this article in search of the unusual of the paranormal. If we want to obtain a series of data, one of the first thing we do is look at others using them. We see giving a supposed evidence of a defect without contrasting their technical data, and acquire it. The first error that comes given is the ignorance of the system that we have in the hands. For example an emf detector, is massively used without knowing the type of detection of the sensor, or the range of frequencies detected. Or more basic, that it is still a miligauss. The same could be said with Rem Pods, lighting systems, apps for mobiles or detectors tablets of movement etc.

If someone “hanging” a video of a potato with an antenna with fantastic but no verifiable results tomorrow we have a multitude of Paranormal Research groups using a potato with an antenna. And even some shall put two antennas and a logo of your group or association. with similar results, either by suggestion of the experimenters, faculties psi of the potato that would compare and verify.

Far has been innovation or pursuit of technological elements that provide new data to the research of the paranormal. Pioneers left diagrams of systems that once imagined and built. They tested and rebuilt others or re studied looking for results. Sometimes with success and at other times not.

The search for answers need of tools.  The knowledge that we use are the best and how it works, what errors can, and learn to identify them. On the other hand it is communication. Yes. with capital letters. What is done and how to get a result. To then establish a control with the same system group technical and working tools and subsequently analyze the results obtained in the medium long term to be able to launch any type of hypothesis (spiritist psychological source, interacting with parallel universes, or anyone who is possible to formulate in respect and healthy debate, in this field we work with possible causes and none so far has been demonstrated to prevail over the others) It should not be forgotten that fact).

We have become independent at all. And it is a real shame. Each of which hunt their evidence, has its private reserve of locations and creates your video to your channel. Competitiveness who or who are better is obvious, but at the end of final questions knowledge does not seek. Do not care, it does not LIKES or FOLLOWERS.

We look for patterns in the good results and evolucionemos as did our ancestors from the “hunt” to knowledge.

We need to change way of thinking must flow information and must return to the study and technological development for our purpose, knowledge must flow from a location and has flowing in a serious and respectful, who already has knowledge can be illustrated still do not have it that, nobody comes taught, and thus among all to weave a spider’s Web that make that research is something that we We can be proud, and what all can learn, correct errors, and evolve, seems utopian but I think that really it isn’t, since directly or indirectly each in another person, (a blog a video or a tutorial has one or several people back who have made this possible), you need to learn.

We believe multidisciplinary teams giving as to which group they belong and rely on the other on the classification and cataloging or disposal of evidence obtained, we look for errors in others in good faith and that others do it in our work privately and altruistic today there are thousands of tools to do so. Correct is wise, listen and learn, as well as teach and explain is something that should be natural in our field.

Raul Barranco García 08 / 04 / 16 raulbarranco@seifa.es