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There are many cases where the subjects having a paranormal experience often describe that they have seen a close relative or even a pet that already is not among us. It is very common this type of experiences, and the visions of others who are not so well known?…


If we study our brain with the similarity of a hard disk of a computer, this one has a series of folders where it will keeping all information captured throughout the days, even images that have no validity for the person still stored in those folders. The only drawback is that information which we don’t normally throw it in the Recycle Bin or as Morton F.Reiser would say in 1990 (nodal network) store according to the affective links, but as that on a hard drive that image remains stored even if we cast it off.


The brain as a whole are actually electrical stimuli, and if this part of our body with the appropriate stimuli may make changes in the brain structure?, i.e., if you stimulate this hard drive so that it projects that memory and look as real as a normal vision? Or there is an alteration natural that can provoke that change?.

We live on a planet constantly bombarded by electromagnetic storms, or even in the age of technology, there are many electrical appliances to our around that can generate electromagnetic changes in our environment. Persinger came to tell in 1989 that the intense activity of the lobe temporary are balances with the activity geomagnetic of the Earth. It is even the depression in people is in some cases generated by the increase in pineal melatonin that is generated by the increase in geomagnetic activity of the Earth.


The temporal lobes are electrically unstable parts of the human brain and it can be modified with relaxation techniques. This statement reveals that many of the experiences occur in dreams or waking, when the brain is moving from a State of alteration to a State of relaxation (Persinger, 1974). EYE not only alterations in the lobes occur in States of wakefulness, William Roll found a high coincidence experiences hallucinatory olfactory and auditory, in people with temporal lobe dysfunction, and in these people, they agreed that (heard voices), for this phenomenon Vernon N.Neppe think the questionnaire to the temporal lobe Neppe. Which obtained an average of 6.2 of which if suffered alteration in the lobe temporary and a 0.3 in which not.


Then based on the data obtained by these scientists, what is the explanation most logical to these phenomena?, obviously the explanation is parapsychology origin, “phenomena are created by human beings”, the only thing that we know much about the functioning of the brain and the people usually give paranormal explanations, since they are more attractive than explanations based on facts and scientific studies.

References: Data obtained from an article published in the Revista Argentina de paranormal psychology. (Parapsychological studies and the human brain, Viktorsberg, Austria, 7-9 October 1994. (Translated from the English by Jorge Villanueva)

David low, davidbajo@seifa.es