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Many of the devices used by hunting enthusiasts of the haunting phenomenon are not designed for this purpose perhaps after saying that there are those who pretend to stone me but it is the frank truth.

Example is the known Rem Pod. Based on the technology invented by Leon Theremin, and in your instrument music. The which managed thanks to the interaction with the human body and their antennas. Relies to pen flies on a radio frequency generated through two oscillators which subtracts it from both through interaction with the human body gives an audible musical note. (20 Hz to 20 kHz).

In the case of the Pod Rem this is achieved with the NE555 oscillator junior theremin kit, which is used to manufacture such a device.

It is not the case of this text to give a kind of advanced electronics. Since it is oriented primarily to curious people who want to know what really you have between hands.  So through signal coming out of the pin number 3 laying OUT have obtained interaction between the two frequencies that the microcontroller or “Pic” 12c508(a) will through its programming to make a sound.

As you can see to the pin 5 (GP2) you enter the signal of the NE555. Through program code marked as piezo speaker and LEDs 1 through 4 electrical signals to operate arrived them.

Even there the how it works, and which is designed as a musical instrument in a kit that is easy to assemble. For what is designed works perfectly now for the haunting has some other inconvenience.


For the purpose of hunting the “paranormal entity” as like to call them on youtube, blogs, etc. This device is really something colorful, valid for a television show, or people with strong beliefs already preset on the provenance of the interactions, which clearly is another type of explanation is not valid.

On the other hand, it is totally inappropriate for the obtaining of any serious evidence for the following reasons:

1. the radio frequency affects you: any interaction of RF that is within the margin created by the device will make the times of “entity”(lo llamaremos así) giving false positive. Example of a transceiver ptt signal. (Experiment performed by us with own units and several models from handhelds)

2. the re automatic calibration of the device in an eventual position change also gives a few seconds false positives begin to interact with the surface in which it is deposited. (Experiment carried out by us with own units, in this case does not give the false positive 100% of position changes depends on the surface)

3. the most important, little or no capacity except experimenter carrying a spectrum analyzer RF that there is no close emission in its frequency range giving the positive as valid since remember that evidence must be able to be compared to rule out any natural cause, for me this along with the first are two major reasons why we have abandoned this device in a trunk. (When referring to little or no ability to the experimenter’s based on profiles of experimenters who usually expose their evidence with this device on social networks or videos auto produced not wanting in any way disparage them in their effort, any of them please contact us to request any type of training).

Give me 3 Rem Pod two Walkies in silence a video camera and ride a show worthy of the footballer Hollywood phantasmagoric entertainment. There is this high risk of fraud makes control over the device so high that no worthwhile use, not everything that appears on television unfortunately gives really after results.




Own experiments with devices based on the following kit:



Raul Barranco García.